Two men in a factory talking about galvanizing processes.


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In decorative or functional galvanizing, a metallic coating is applied to an objects’ surface through an electrochemical process. Galvanization is common for wear protection, but also used to manufacture CDs and DVDs. Galvanization results in wastewater and sludge contaminated with oil, grease, chemicals, metals and material residues.

Our Solution

These highly polluted liquids are some of the typical applications for SEEPEX pumps. The recycling process includes pre- and post-treatments such as cleaning, degreasing, flushing and passivating.


SEEPEX pumps are proven and reliable partners to the galvanization industry because of the following properties:

  • Large material variety
  • Meets safety requirements
  • Stable and effective continuous operation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Gentle, low-pulsation pumping