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Sewage sludge

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Electricity for a city of 200,000: that's what the electrical system of the Queen Mary II luxury liner essentially provides, including of course an on-board wastewater treatment facility. A new technical solution makes it possible to burn accumulated waste in a high-temperature furnace, and then reuse the heat generated within the ship's energy cycle. SEEEPX BTI pumps move the sludge in this treatment system.


The Queen Mary II is one of the largest and fastest passenger ships ever built. The vessel is equipped with cutting-edge technology from the mast to the keel. Of course, a luxury liner of this size has its own sewage treatment plant. Previously, waste and sludge had to be collected in containers and disposed of onshore.


SEEPEX pumps were installed in the ship’s new, modernized facilities which process waste in an environmentally friendly fashion, turning it into energy.

Special BTI range pumps were installed on space-saving, easy-maintenance pump skids which move sludge with a dry matter content of approximately 20% from the centrifuge into the dryer. The dried sludge is then conveyed along with other waste into a high-temperature incinerator. The resulting combustion heat is fed back into the ship's energy cycle.

Passengers of the Queen Mary II can cruise the seven seas with peace of mind, knowing they are sailing on a ship that is both energy efficient and environmentally sound. 

SEEPEX has outstanding environmental technology references. The firm's pumps are reliable, long-lasting and run trouble-free when conveying products of differing viscosities.

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