A solitary offshore drilling platform in a calm ocean.

A perfect match.

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Conveying product

Crude oil

Key specifications

22 m3/h

(97 USGPM),

16 bar

(240 PSI)

Custom-made for
100% installation fit

SEEPEX offshore support


Cost savings




Reduced maintenance costs

Pump type

Long, round-the-clock shifts and exposure to the wind, weather and tides: Working on an oil rig demands top performance from both man and machine. Even the toughest offshore conditions are easily handled by SEEPEX pumps.


The coastal city of Aberdeen, Scotland is known as the "Oil Capital of Europe." The first British oil field was opened here off Scotland's east coast in the late 1960s, and by early 2000 more than 120 oil and gas fields were in production. A major oil company’s offshore platform located 210 km northeast of Aberdeen had been plagued by production-stopping failures. The cause was a design flaw in the LP Flare Drain Drum Pumps. SEEPEX came to the rescue.


The old pump had been installed and put into operation on the offshore platform back in the late 1990s. The manufacturer had since gone out of business, leaving gigantic problems in its wake, as the pumps had been defective from the start and failed frequently.

SEEPEX experts rapidly identified the cause: The high-speed pump used a flexible shaft, which transferred the movement of the drive shaft to an eccentrically rotating rotor. The high pump speed had a particularly negative effect when the fluid level in the tank was low, with a correspondingly low system NPSH (net positive suction head) value, resulting in cavitation.

The design flaw caused a major imbalance, multiple sealing problems and frequent breakdown of the flexible shaft. The solution however was obvious: our BEO.
Heinz Dieter Flesch
Industry Development Manager, Oil & Gas, SEEPEX GmbH


A new pump solution had to be found quickly which would fit in precisely where the old pump was situated. So SEEPEX built a custom BEO range pump that runs at much lower rpms and meets the applicable NPSH requirements. The pump is highly robust because the shaft diameter is three times larger than that of the old pumps.

The conveying product was analyzed in the SEEPEX laboratory to determine the correct pump materials to use. The decision was made to utilize super duplex stainless steel rather than the previously used Avesta 254SMO. The result: outstanding corrosion resistance and significant cost savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

Since installing and commissioning the SEEPEX pumps, they have been running reliably and require minimal maintenance.

Our technicians are specially trained to service pumps on oil rigs, which in this case was a huge advantage.
Heinz Dieter Flesch
Industry Development Manager, Oil & Gas, SEEPEX GmbH
SEEPEX BE pump 90 degree angle
SEEPEX BE pump horizontal on black background