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Oil, gas and petrochemicals

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We are a registered supplier for the oil & gas industry.


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Fossil fuels such as crude oil and natural gas are used for generating heat and electricity, manufacturing gasoline and creating various products. The oil & gas and petrochemical industry defines strict requirements for suppliers and their technical equipment.

As a leading worldwide supplier, SEEPEX offers superior conveying technology that delivers the decisive edge in this sector. 

SEEPEX develops tailor-made pumping solutions and offers the optimum technical and economical solution for almost every application in this industry.


SEEPEX pumps achieve maximum results because of:

  • Low shear forces
  • Self-priming pumps, no gas locking on products with a high gas yield and solids content
  • Extremely low NPSH values
  • Processes highly viscous fluids
  • Constant flow rate over varying discharge heads
  • Pump capacity can be changed eliminating flow control valves
  • High operational safety
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Design in accordance with API 676


Our pump range BNA is specifically tailored to the requirements of Oil&Gas, providing the fullest compliance with API 676 and API 682, best corrosion resistance and rugged heavy-duty design which steamlines the engineering process

SEEPEX offers comprehensive advice, development, effective project management and outstanding solutions for conveying fossil fuels: Enhancing your edge in the market through increased efficiency, productivity and economic success.