Petrochemical facility using SEEPEX pumps at night

Drilling fluids and drilling waste management

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Drilling fluids and mud play an important role to control and stabilize the drilling operation, these are pumped into the wellbore. The returned drilling mud contains entrained cuttings and before it can return into the mud system the solids must be seperated. The handling of this heavily contaminated drilling mud requires a robustly engineered pump.

Our Solution

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps have been used successfully and reliably for years handling drilling fluids and in drilling waste management applications. 


Some sample applications:

  • BN/NS/N range convey water-based drilling fluids with lubricant additives without problems
  • BN/NS/N range are used to feed decanting centrifuges with drilling mud containing fine cuttings
  • BN/NS/N range are used for cleaning mud pits
  • BTE range are used to convey drilling mud and cuttings to vertical cuttings driers
  • MD/BN range are used to handle flocculants


Compared to other systems, SEEPEX pumps offer significant cost savings handling drilling fluids and in drilling waste management applications, enhancing your competitive advantage.