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Pulp and paper industry

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The pulp and paper industry is one of the most technically demanding sectors. Manufacturing paper requires a variety of specialized and highly-engineered machines. Pumping technology used in this industry must be precisely selected and set up for different types of fibers and products.


SEEPEX pumps meet these demanding requirements. That is why many leading pulp and paper producers rely on our pumps throughout their entire manufacturing process, e.g.:

  • Raw stock preparation and treatment
  • Paper finishing
  • Coater concentration plants
  • Stock center
  • Bleaching unit
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Supply industry


The modular SEEPEX system offers technically and economically optimized solutions for virtually every application in the paper industry. Standard, 6L and tricam geometry with short and long pitches guarantee optimal adjustment. Optimized geometries with maximum metering accuracy are available for low pulsation operation. Mechanical seals are a proven technology to fulfill legal environmental regulations, technical requirements and economic considerations.


SEEPEX in the pulp and paper industry – epitomizes technically advanced and custom-manufactured pump solutions.