Large paper spools at a manufacturing facility

Paper machine

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Paper machines are up to 200 meters long and produce up to 2,000 meters of paper per minute. The requirements for these massive machines are just as impressive. Transporting, metering and flushing starch and glue solutions to the paper web are particularly important processes.

Our Solution

SEEPEX pumps are ideally suited for coating paper webs after the drying section, to give them the required surface strength.


Sample application:

  • BN and MD range pumps convey and meter glue and starch into the size press.


The SEEPEX pump solutions show their advantages through:

  • Easy pumping of viscous media
  • Gentle, low pulsation handling with accurate metering


Producing endless paper is a technically difficult and complex task – SEEPEX pumps master every requirement with poise.


Paper machine animation with SEEPEX pumps in the process