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Supply industry

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Filler and auxiliary agents are essential additives for the pulp and paper industry used to homogenize paper and guarantee its opacity and whiteness.

Our Solution

SEEPEX pumps are used in the production of filler and auxiliary agents and to fill and empty transport and storage containers. The pumps serve many leading suppliers reliably.


Some sample applications of SEEPEX pumps in the supply industry:

  • For stock preparation: Bleaches and additives
  • For the paper machine: Glue, starch, retention agents and others
  • For the coating kitchen: Pigments, binding agents and additives


SEEPEX pumps convey low to highly viscous products with and without solids and low to high temperature products gently and with low pulsation and shear. Additionally, they impress with their high metering ability and their trouble-free transport of media such as coating colors, starch or auxiliary agents.


SEEPEX pumps make valuable contributions to the supply industry with these advantages.