Food waste plant in the renewable energies industry.

Food waste

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Food waste has a relatively high energy content, making it a valuable feedstock for bio-energy generation. Leftover food, dairy and slaughterhouse waste; fruit and vegetable waste; and grains or pulp can potentially enhance the yield of biogas processes. Decomposing or homogenized waste transported in a closed system are major requirements.

Our Solution

The specifically developed SEEPEX pumps and macerators meet these requirements:

  • BTM range pumps with integrated cutterhead unit: cut and convey in one process step, even products like whole fruits or poultry
  • Macerators cut the waste into small sizes (homogenization)

The Advantages

  • Reduced investment costs due to integrated cutterhead
  • Higher process efficiency due to material disintegration and homogenization
  • Prevents odors due to closed system processing

Cost effective, customized, efficient: SEEPEX pumps are ideal for converting food waste into energy.