CO - Control systems

Everything under control

Simple, precise, economical: Control systems from SEEPEX ensure optimal conveying processes at all times – as tailored pumping solutions for your application, or with standardized functions to protect the pump. In order to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the system, we support the project from development to commissioning.

Control Systems

Control system DOCL

DOCL Dosing control

When the flow rate matters: The SEEPEX dosing control system controls the volume pumped to achieve exact dosing or metering of the pumping medium.

Control system FPPU

FPPU Filter press feeding

For an improved filtration result: The FPPU control system allows pressure-dependent filter press feeding.

Control system LVCL

LVCL Level control

Optimizing conveying processes, reducing pump wear: The SEEPEX level control continuously measures the product level using different measurement methods.

Control system MPPCL

MPPCL Multiphase controller

Maximum pumping capacity, maximum output: When pumping crude oil over great distances, the multiphase controller from SEEPEX ensures that the pumps are running at their optimal operating point at all times.

Control system PRCL

PRCL Pressure regulation

Minimizing pressure fluctuations, maximizing energy efficiency: The SEEPEX pressure regulation system keeps the process pressure constant.