Pump Monitor App

Easy to use

Perfect team: The Pump Monitor connects to the app via Bluetooth. The smartphone or tablet thus becomes a mobile display and operating interface — with display of live data and pump history. Alarms and warnings can also be configured via the app.

Turn your mobile device into a remote display.

The perfect companion.

Simplify your daily workflows

Why use smart tools?

Easy to use

App for Pump Monitor that turns the tablet into a remote display for all the pumps within Bluetooth range.

Condition monitoring

Live data viewing: Display of the respective current operating status and live process data.

Early planning

Knowledge of pump performance allows timely intervention, targeted planning of maintenance and ordering of spare parts.

Cost reduction

Fewer unplanned shutdowns reduce operating costs and increase product life.

Pump optimization

History and trend display enable trend analyses during pump operation and the optimization of pump performance.

Pump protection

Warnings and alarms in the signal display when the configurable thresholds are exceeded or not reached. This way the pump is always protected.

App Pump monitor's partner

Pump Monitor App

Access all data from SEEPEX Pump Monitor easily over a smart phone or tablet. The mobile device is a remote display for all pumps within Bluetooth range.

Optimal adjustment

Pump Monitor App

Remote precise adjustment of the optimum operating point in order to react quickly and easily to changing process conditions and ensure optimal process results

Data inspection

Pump Monitor App

Live data access: Displays the current operating status and live process data. This enables timely intervention, specific maintenance planning and spare parts ordering

History and trend display

Pump Monitor App

Enables trend analysis of pump operation and optimization of pump performance