Interactive maintenance

The app designed for the maintenance personnel: Comprehensive maintenance information and animated 3D step-by-step instructions assist the service technician in assessing pump status and performing maintenance on site. The spare parts required for maintenance, and even a complete replacement pump, can be ordered directly from the app.

Experience step-by-step the range of pumps with our service app.

Equip your service team with the interactive maintenance tool.

Simplify your daily workflows

Why use smart tools?

Simple inquiry

Easy spare parts inquiry: Bundled spare parts packages with matching original parts are available for the most common maintenance tasks. Convenient and fast.


Animated 3D maintenance information for SCT pumps - freely rotatable, interactive and as exploded view. You are guided step by step through assembly and dismantling.

Efficient maintenance

Detailed maintenance information for more efficiency and safety in maintenance.

Keep the overview

Digital logbook for documenting maintenance and spare parts history as well as current inspection and maintenance procedures.

A perfect fit

Unique pump recognition via QR code for model-specific information and offers.

No more forgetting

All existing pumps can be stored in the app and be annotated.

Experience your pump virtually


Get information on our pumps in the SEEPEX showroom, manage your pumps with the pump management tool or get detailed information on SCT and a step-by-step guide on ist maintenance.

Manage your pumps


Upload your pumps by simply scanning the QR code and carry your installed base always with you on your device.

Spotlights on


Take a playful journey through our product portfolio.

Maintenance step-by-step


Position the camera of your mobile device on the pump and get a step-by-step guide through SCT pump maintenance.

Easy spare part ordering


For routine maintenance activities, spare part packages are available with the matching original parts. Convenient, simple and time-saving parts inquiry.