M - Macerator

Built to shred

Solid or fibrous components in pumped media can quickly represent a hazard to pumps, downstream plant components or piping. SEEPEX macerators effectively shred coarse materials and ensure pump-friendly pumping media. Our macerators maximize operational reliability, minimize downtime, and reduce operating costs in the wastewater sector and many other branches of industry.

Conveying Capacity
2–150 m³/h
9–660 US gpm
10 bar
145 psi

Features and Benefits

Easy maintenance

Simple maintenance through replacement of the entire cutting unit (cartridge design)

Optimizing processes

Controlled maceration through variable drive speed and shear plates with apertures of different sizes

Versatile applications

Variable degree of maceration dependent on flow rate, drive speed and shear plate design


Conveyance of solids and fibrous particles without damaging downstream plant components


Lower energy consumption than alternative macerating techniques

Flexible installation options

Product intake from below for vertical installation (universal design) or with lateral intakes for horizontal attachment to pump or piping (inline design)

Technologies, accessories and options

Seal barrier system

This unit protects the shaft sealing by selectively supplying barrier liquid. Also available with flow meter on request.


Spacious design for quick cleaning and draining.

Cutter casing

Product feed is possible from three different directions.

Headstock assembly

Easy replacement of the complete unit.


For connection of macerator housing and drive, and the headstock assembly.


Maceration, accomplished by cutting instead of tearing, as well as the low speeds, results in a very low driving power.