BRAVO - Chemical Metering Systems

Improved process control in a plug and play unit

SEEPEX BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems improve control and reliability in dosing process applications. These pre-engineered, chemical-feed skid systems are used in a variety of industries for disinfection, pH control, flocculation, corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, and containment elimination. BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems are a modular and scalable solution that adapt to any layout with wall or floor mounting in simplex, duplex, or triplex pump configurations.

Conveying Capacity
0.1–250 US gph
12 bar
175 psi

Technologies, accessories and options

Overpressure Protection

The pressure gauge switches off the pump as soon as a pre-set pressure is exceeded or not reached and protects the pump from increased wear and tear or piping damage.

Single-acting mechanical seal

Universal standard mechanical seal for dosing, food applications and semi-submersible pumps for sealing the plug-in shaft in the suction casing or the hopper.

Calibration column

Quickly calibrates flow rates.

True Union valves

Provides easier serviceability.

Intelligent metering pumps

With an integrated process controller for superior metering capabilities. Optionally available with a dry running device to alert operators about the presence or absence of fluid.

Wind lines

For easy suction-side degassing.

Liquid-filled pressure gauge

2.5" diameter, 160 psi gauge provides 1.5% full scale accuracy with integral isolator.

Pressure-relief valves

Protects pumps and piping from overpressure.

Pipe unions

Allow for targeted repairs.