SCT AutoAdjust - Automated progressive cavity pump

It's all about the perfect fit

For consistent pumping capacity and high productivity: The hydraulic, high-precision stator clamping of the SCT AutoAdjust is automatically adjustable at the touch of a button – from the control room or at the point of use via the SEEPEX Pump Monitor. This makes the SCT AutoAdjust indispensable for critical applications that require maximum performance and reliability while maintaining absolute operational safety. The SCT AutoAdjust is universal and can be used in virtually every industry, application, and for all pumping media.

Conveying Capacity
0.0023–54 m³/h
10.1–238 US gpm
8 bar
120 psi

Features and Benefits


No more time-consuming trips around the plant or journeys to remote pump locations. Pump installations that are difficult to access can be easily reached remotely

Optimal adjustment

Precise adjustment of the optimum operating status in order to react quickly and easily to changing process conditions and ensure an optimal process result

Easy maintenance

Reduced maintenance costs thanks to simple, automated operation from the control room and rapid replacement of the rotating unit thanks to Smart Conveying Technology

Lower costs

Less wear and extended service life thanks to early adjustment of stator clamping

Maximum availability

No unplanned stoppages thanks to an always up-to-date overview of the pump status, the results of adjustments, and the wear reserve in the overlapping systems


All processes under optimal control at all times thanks to monitoring of the pump status in the control system, at the Pump Monitor, or optionally via SEEPEX Connected Services

Technologies, accessories and options

Dry running protection / TSE

TSE monitors the temperature of the rotating stator and shuts down the pump when the limit value is reached to protect the pump from dry running.

Seal barrier system

This unit protects the shaft sealing by selectively supplying barrier liquid. Also available with flow meter on request.

Overpressure Protection

The pressure gauge switches off the pump as soon as a pre-set pressure is exceeded or not reached and protects the pump from increased wear and tear or piping damage.

Universal joint sleeve protection

Stainless steel protective housing protects the universal joint sleeve from mechanical destruction by rough parts made of plastic, metal, wood, etc. Up to 10,000 operating hours guaranteed.

Standard gland packing

Universal seal for hopper and standard pumps for sealing the plug-in shaft and suction casing or feed hopper. Also available with grease or lantern ring to shut off the media flow. Can also be supplied with upstream labyrinth seal and additional flush connection or lubricating device.

Cartridge mechanical seal

Ready-to-install pre-assembled units with supply connections and attachment brackets for quick replacement.

Single-acting mechanical seal

Universal standard mechanical seal for dosing, food applications and semi-submersible pumps for sealing the plug-in shaft in the suction casing or the hopper.

Multiple-acting mechanical seal

Mechanical seals arranged in a row. Available in "back-to-back", "face-to-face" or "tandem" sequence.

Pressure branch

Made of stainless steel, with internally polished finish and externally satin finish. Allows effective draining. Connection: pipe coupling to DIN, Tri Clamp® or any other known sanitary fitting.

Base plate

Tailor-made selection of base plates. The base plates can be easily combined with different drives from all major manufacturers.

Smart Rotor

With detachable rotor head connection for fast assembly/disassembly, while leaving the universal joint intact.

Smart Stator

Two, comparatively light, stator halves.

Hydraulic adjustment

Innovative automatic solution for simple retensioning of the stator via remote control.

Adjustment segment

For positioning and axial sealing of the stator halves. For applying and readjusting the stator clamping.

Control and hydraulics unit

Controls the hydraulic feed. Allows connection to a control room or SEEPEX Pump Monitor.


Geared motors, variable speed drives or frequency controlled motors of all major manufacturers, directly flanged to the pump without additional couplings or guards. Covers made of stainless steel are available.

Coupling rod

For power transmission. Improved design, special designs optional available.

Tie bolts/screw

Corrosion proof, optional available in stainless steel design.

Smart Seal Housing

The innovative two piece 'split' seal housing allows for easy removal and replacement of both the rotary and stationary mechanical seal components