SDP - Smart Dosing Pump

The intelligent 2-in-1 solution

Unique on the market: The Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) with integrated control system is an intelligent dosing pump, combining the traditional benefits of a progressive cavity pump with modern, decentralized control concepts.
The compact process module with the control system integrated directly into the pump is unique, and includes the drive system, the associated SEEPEX control software, sensors for determining the flow rate, and optional safety functions.

Conveying Capacity
0.8–1,540 l/h
0.003–6.78 US gpm
48 bar
700 psi

Features and Benefits

Versatile applications

Simple implementation of complex dosing and metering tasks in numerous sectors and applications


Complete modular system consisting of pump, drive system, sensors and control software with preset default values and tried-and-tested safety functions


Thanks to low-pulsation dosing and high repeat accuracy

Individual assembly options

Large pumping capacity range thanks to modular system


Realization of short dispensing times with simultaneously resource-efficient use of raw materials


Simple integration into a higher-level process control system

Technologies, accessories and options

Seal barrier system

This unit protects the shaft sealing by selectively supplying barrier liquid. Also available with flow meter on request.

Multiple-acting mechanical seal

Mechanical seals arranged in a row. Available in "back-to-back", "face-to-face" or "tandem" sequence.

Single-acting mechanical seal

Universal standard mechanical seal for dosing, food applications and semi-submersible pumps for sealing the plug-in shaft in the suction casing or the hopper.

Flow meter

For example: Electromagnetic flow meter for measuring the flow volume. Alternative to speed measurement on the motor shaft. Optionally available.

Pressure sensor

For measurement of low and overpressure in the feed and discharge pipelines. Optionally available.

Dry-running protection device (TSE)

Protects against damage to the stator through dry-running. Optionally available.

Drive with pulse generator on motor shaft

Alternative to flow measurement, the flow rate can be determined via revolutions of the motor shaft.

Intelligent frequency inverter

Frequency inverter with integrated PLC functionality. The SEEPEX-specific control software is optimized for use with SEEPEX dosing pumps, and can be parameterized by the customer and adapted to the specific application.