MDP - Economical metering pump

With jointless, one-piece rotating unit made of wear resistant synthetic material

SEEPEX MDP range pumps have one-piece rotating units made of wear resistant synthetic material, making them suitable for conveying hydrocarbon-containing media such as paints, varnishes, solvents, plasticizers and others.

Conveying Capacity
1–500 l/h
0.264–132 US gph
12 bar
175 psi

Features and Benefits


Reduced costs due to inexpensive rotating unit

No vapor locking

Cavity design allows for conveyance of liquids, solids, and gases

Ease of operation

Valveless flow control for ease of operation

Performance efficiency

Low slip (internal back flow) provides performance efficiency and less wear on components

Easy maintenance

Simple and predictive maintenance due to minimal components


The rotating unit and housing, made of wear resistant synthetic material, lower the pump's overall weight

Flexible equipment

The pump can be made from various materials of construction

Technologies, accessories and options

Overpressure Protection

The pressure gauge switches off the pump as soon as a pre-set pressure is exceeded or not reached and protects the pump from increased wear and tear or piping damage.


Special feature is the one-piece plastic rotating unit without joint. Rotor and Coupling rod are made out of PVC.

Conventional geometry

With short pitches and a compact design, the conventional geometry produces high pressures.


The seal on both ends is moulded as an integral part of the elastomeric stator. Corrosion of the stator tube is never a problem because the pumped liquid never comes into contact with the metal tube or the bonding adhesive.

Conventional geometry

With short pitches and a compact design, the conventional geometry produces high pressures.

Stator adapter

In stainless steel, enabling the use of all sizes of rotor/stator giving inter- changeability with only one housing and drive unit.


Geared motors, variable speed drives or frequency controlled motors of all major manufacturers, directly flanged to the pump without additional couplings or guards. Covers made of stainless steel are available.

Base plate

Tailor-made selection of base plates. The base plates can be easily combined with different drives from all major manufacturers.

Pump housing

Stainless steel, or plastic housings for all pump parts. Especially interesting for conveying certain types of chemicals.

Shaft sealing

Single acting mechanical seal. Alternatively, a double acting mechanical seal or gland packing are available.

Plug-in shaft

Connects the drive shaft to the joint. With gland packing the plug-in shaft is used as a shaft protection sleeve. Upon request, it is available with wear resistant coating.

Plug-in shaft connection

For easy dismantling of the pump and drive enabling quick replacement of the rotating parts and shaft seals. The plug-in shaft pin secures the shaft connection to the drive and the splash ring protects the bearing from contamination/gland leakage.